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learn how to build and execute digital marketing strategy for any business or project


learn how to create and execute a master marketing campaign using the google cloud marketing software, ads, analytics, tag manager, webmaster, and more

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utilize platforms like facebook, instagram, and what's app in order to nurture leads, increase engagement, and grow your social presence online


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setup wordpress website

this is the first tutorial for setting up a basic wordpress website. this is a video for people just building their first website and want a very simple and easy walk through on how to set up the entire site.

this video is about 7 minutes in length and is made the absolute beginner.

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retargeting tutorial

In this first tutorial, Amplo Creative goes over the fundamentals of setting up a retargeting campaign, This tutorial will allow anyone with WordPress website follow an easy workflow to properly set up retargeting for Facebook and Google.

The tutorial is about 30 minutes total and built for those who have a WordPress website set up.

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