I Don’t Want To Read Your Life Story, Just Show Me The Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe

If you keep reading you will understand why this sentence here and why I am just going to say the word “Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe” but keep going I promise the real article starts in the next sentence.

Has this happened to you? You just want the steps and ingredients but you have to scroll through an entire blog post beforehand.

Something along the lines of “It was a cool day in the September of 2009. There were leaves on the ground and my spirit was at an all time high.”

The reason for this is because there is a very refined template blogs need to fit in order to rank higher on Google or whatever search engine is used. When posting a blog post with your “Chicken Pesto Pasta Dinner,” it could be impossible to differentiate and really stand out. Because of this, blogs generally need to write that keyword out as many times as possible in order to stand out and rank higher above one another. The more relevant, the higher the ranking.

Now instead of how I am about to do it, these foodie blogs include it as casually as possible. This will mean that if they are trying to go after a very specific keyword, they need to find a way to type it legitimately as many times as possible. It’s hard to just work that in so more often than not, they need a whole backstory as to why they love their recipe and why it’s so amazing.

Annoying, right?

I’m sure you understand this, obviously it’s Search Engine Optimization. If you don’t, let’s say that as a company we want to get ranked higher on Google for specific keywords they must follow a very specific guide. Let’s use the recipe as an example. Let’s say we are going for “Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe” as our goal term. Here is how we would want to focus our efforts:

-Have a title that includes your keyword

-Done! Normally, you want to make it more direct but this is a good start

-Have the link to the post include your keyword

-Done! The link to this post is https://amplocreative.com/2019/09/10/maplewood-bacon-pizza-pie-recipe/

-Have the term used in the first paragraph of your post, preferably the first 100 words.

-Told you it would make sense!

-Include the keyword in a different header size all over the page

-Let’s do this right now.

Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe

Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe

Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe

Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe

Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe
Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe

Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe

And, done!

-Include two different types of links to your keyword (1.) An inbound link or link to content on your website and (2.) and link to another page that fits your keyword type. This is what is known as a hyperlink.

-I love this Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe and I also love this Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe

-Include an Image on the page with the alt text to have your keyword

Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe
Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe
Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe
Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe

-Alright, this is now done!

-Update your meta title and meta description to include your keyword to make sure it’s very clear what term you are going for.

Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe SEO

-Bold and Italicize your keyword when you get a chance

Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe or Maplewood Bacon Pizza Pie Recipe

Well, this should cover the baseline. Essentially the idea is, make your keyword beyond obvious for the search engine to view it. It can make writing content difficult or frustrating but if you take the time to put work into it, you can have a piece that really generates organic traffic.

Take a look at one of our clients Isabel Foxen Duke a specialist in coaching people to recover and improve their binge eating habits, she has a post for the keyword “How to Stop Binge Eating.” The results? Out of this world. Half of her traffic or about 12,000 different visitors comes from her organic search results. She is on the first page of Google for a highly competitive term.

This obviously comes from a lot of work and trying to improve the SEO consistently of a brand to provide relevant information. I know you can’t post a million times of the same term but rather you need to provide relevant information.

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