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Remain in constant contact with your customers in order to retain business with new offers, deals, and promotions
Our Email Marketing Dashboard allows you to create custom designs, launch to any number of clients, and monitor on a deeper insight any email campaign necessary
  • All emails are built with a flexible design for companies of any size to be able create and deliver a message of to any number of clients
  • Streamline your marketing in order to grow and connect with audience, without the hassle of spending hours creating conent

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Email Marketing Dashboard Features

Take a personal approach to connect better with everyone on your mailing list
Connect Your Store
Connect your e-commerce store to automate helpful product follow ups and learn what your customers are purchasing
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Tracking & Reporting
Monitor sales and website activity with revenue reports, and inform your email and advertising content with purchase data using Google Analytics.
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Template Design
We build our emails to match your style and allow collaboration with multiple users in order to ensure accuracy and satisfaction in our work
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Automated Marketing
Create regularly scheduled emails and times in order to provide yourself with more time to focus on what matters most to you
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